“Craig's inspections are priced fairly and are always performed within the agreed time frame. I am very pleased with his home inspections and recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.”


Marc Fossum, Pine Mountain Lake Realty

"I found Craig to be extremely professional with a calming demeanor in explaining all items of concern to the client/buyer. He never rushes, is thorough, and very detail orientated. His reports are easy to read and explain to the client. I highly recommend him. You won’t be disappointed."


Penny Christensen, PML Real Estate Broker

“The inspection report of the house is incredibly important and can seem stressful. I was grateful for Craig's thorough inspection, and taking the time to explain it to us"

Chrystal Clifton, Home Buyer, Groveland CA


7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Home Inspector

Before hiring the first inspector you find, see if they can ace this quiz.


That “perfect” four-bedroom, two-bath house you stumbled upon in a beautiful suburban neighborhood could hide some serious problems. The best way for homebuyers to find out about potential issues is with a good home inspection.


Here are the seven most important questions to ask before you schedule a home inspection:


  1.  Are you a member of a professional inspection organization?

    • Reputable home inspectors will be members of one of these organizations: the National Association of Home Inspectors, the American Society of Home Inspectors or the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Many states also have statewide associations, which are acceptable alternatives.

  2.  What’s your background? 

    • The best home inspectors are typically those who have experience in the building industry. You want to work with an inspector who knows what’s inside the walls of your home and understands the basics of local building codes and requirements. (Note: A home inspector will not be able to tell you if every single plumbing, electrical and/or structural aspect of your potential home is up to the latest codes. For this, you’ll need a more specialized inspection by a licensed plumber, electrician or contractor.)

  3. How much experience do you have?

    • Be sure you hire someone who has, at the very least, undergone extensive training – or who will have the assistance of a more experienced inspector during the inspection.

  4. How long will the inspection take?

    • On average, a home inspection should take two to three hours to perform. If you’re dealing with a large home, a fixer-upper or an older home, the inspection should take even longer. Don’t hire someone who promises to be in and out within an hour or two, as this is too short a time to thoroughly inspect a home.

  5. What will you inspect?

    • Keep in mind that it’s not a home inspector’s job to inspect things that can’t be seen. The inspection won’t reveal any wiring problems hidden behind drywall or any mold problems under the shower tiles

    • With that said, an inspector should evaluate every possible visible place in your home, including the roof, basement and attic. And the home inspector should be in physical shape to access these places, even if a ladder or flashlight is required.

    • An inspector should also look at things such as the water heater, furnace and electrical box. Again, the inspector may be unable to tell you if your home’s systems are up to local codes. But the professional should have enough knowledge to inform you if the systems are safe or in need of major repairs.

  6.  Can I attend the inspection?

    • A refusal to this simple request is a red flag. A home inspection is a fabulous opportunity to learn about your home and talk about any possible repairs that may be needed. A good inspector will take you along on the inspection, if you wish. A great inspector will talk you through everything he sees.

  7.  What kind of inspection report do you offer?

    • ​​Most inspectors will provide a report within 24 hours. It’s important to be sure the inspector’s reporting style will meet the requirements of your lender as well as your own personal preference.